Online Summer School 2020 Ural Federal University Russian Studies in Real Russia 15/07-13/09/20

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We offer a Russian language school at different levels – from complete beginners to the confident advanced learners.

We do our best to provide privileged approach towards the needs of every student. Our highly qualified professors and teachers at UrFU will help every learner to make a good progress in Russian language during the program’s time period.

We provide Russian Language lessons on daily basis and for 5 days per week. During a period of 3 weeks, students will be able to communicate online with our certified teachers at Ural Federal University via using communicative approaches including online quests, tests, and games.

In addition, our students will have the opportunity to practice Russian language with Russian native speakers from Ural Federal University, day by day.

Moreover, lectures, seminars, visual tours and online meetings will not only be conducted by UrFU professors and teachers, but also by special Russian guests who will share online with our students the untold stories about Russian culture, Russian cuisine, Folklore dances, Russian music, Russian Art, History and Politics.

By the end of our Summer Online Program, students will receive certificates from Ural Federal University and that is upon completing the program. 


Classes are held in groups of 6-9 students according to Russian language level

Classes are held in distance learning form using Google Meeting, ZOOM, Blue Bottom and other platforms for online meetings and the web-portal Elearn UrFU

Schedule & Tuition

Duration: 3 weeks

30 academic hours of Russian language (2 academic hours per day)

26 academic hours of Russian Studies (1 or 2 academic hours per day)

1 academic hour = 45 minutes

Credits: 4 ECTS

Tuition Fee: 22500 Russian Rubles for the whole course of 3 weeks.

Programs and Dates

Program 1

Russian Studies in Real Russia: From 3 August to 23 August

The program focuses on Ekaterinburg, which is Russia’s third capital and fourth largest city that is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. We take you to the heart of the Ural Mountains region, to Ekaterinburg, which is one of Russia’s major industrial, economic and cultural centers, to discover together the historical and cultural aspects of Imperial Russia, Soviet Russia and Contemporary Russia.

Program 2

Russian Woman - Russian Power: From 24 August to 13 September

The main aim of this program is to highlight the role of Russian women in Russia’s social, political and economic spheres. From the imperial times of Russia, passing through the soviet times to nowadays, we focus on the role of Russian women shaping their lives and the lives of others in different aspects of Russian life.


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